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Let me be your accountability buddy on the path to fulfillment!

My mission is to inspire people to take ownership for themselves so that they can live a more meaningful life.

Career Made Easy

Most of my coachees lack clarity about what they need to do to fill the gap of where they are now to where they want to be. 

To close this gap, I create a tailor-made coaching programme for each coachee.  

Anna Veskova

After working with me, my coachees get:




 As a coach, I do not like pushing my coachees. I empower them to take ownership for themselves.

My role is to inspire people to discover their own answers.

I notice that I am able to provide my coachees with transformation through healing on a subconscious level. After all, coaching is not about changing people. I believe coaching is about becoming more of who we are!

My superpower not only as a coach but as a person is establishing meaningful connections. I am able to capture emotions and hear what is not said.

My coachees often say they can “feel” my smile even over the phone!

What’s In It For YOU?

Coaching is not about what I can do for you. Coaching is ALL ABOUT YOU, how you can show up for yourselves, how you can invest in yourselves!

Coaching brings you sustainability and tangible results.

Sometimes it is not about doing, it is about undoing. It is not about being, it is about breaking patterns. It is not about having, it is about decluttering!

The path to success!

onfidence is a skill we build through taking action. The secret of self-confidence is the pattern of keeping promises we make to ourselves. And not only keeping these promises but giving credit to ourselves when we do so. 

Truth is we all encounter obstacles and we are often scared because we can measure what we’ll lose but we can’t see yet what we will gain. With this in mind, I assist my coachees to remain focused on the benefits of taking action.


Why me?

My coachees say they choose me as their coach because I am positive, charismatic, and easy to trust.

What they find special about working with me is the way I make them feel. They leave each session with an energy boost, a clear plan, and an eagerness to take action.

Some of the people I coached went on to work for companies such as Nestlé and Rolex or started their own company.





– Geneva (Switzerland) –
“Thanks to the coaching sessions with Anna I increased my self-worth. I managed to better market myself and also determine the direction I wanted to follow for my future (short and long-term / personal and professional).”


– Lausanne (Switzerland) –
“Anna helps me to put clarity in my thoughts and feelings. I find a lot of support and love in our coaching sessions. They are empowering me with new strength and the desire to move forward and reach my goals.”


– Lausanne (Switzerland) –
“I wholeheartedly recommend Anna as a career coach. She quickly identified my areas for improvement which significantly helped me get a new job during a period of time when the job market is very competitive.”


– Lausanne (Switzerland) –
“Anna is a great communicator and listener. After each session I felt motivated and inspired, and I have gained a great deal of self-confidence and self-knowledge.”


– Lausanne (Switzerland) –
“The coaching sessions with Anna helped me overcome a big roadblock that I encountered in my professional environment and enabled me to grow personally and advance in my career.”


– Lausanne (Switzerland) –
“I strongly recommend Anna as a coach and have no doubts she can find approach to everyone who suffers from career building difficulties because of her super open and positive attitude.”


– Lausanne (Switzerland) –
“It looks like we know everything and even better than others. But something inside us stops us from taking action. Anna will give you a magic kick which will convert your plans into real actions.”


– Geneva (Switzerland) –
“Thanks to my coaching sessions with Anna, I was able to find inner peace and transform my insecurities into confidence. Anna’s holistic approach helped me with both my professional and personal development.”


– Montreux (Switzerland) –
“Anna has a great professional approach by managing to enhance the best in you. She really helped me to gain confidence and to focus on my strengths.”


– Varna (Bulgaria) –
“Anna’s approach is very positive, and her coaching sessions opened up my mind to the infinite career possibilities. Working with Anna is priceless and life changing.”


– Plovdiv (Bulgaria) –
“Anna’s coaching sessions helped me enhance my self-awareness and achieve my goals both personally and professionally.”


– Munich (Germany) –
“Anna inspired me to think in new ways and to discover new approaches towards my goals. She is empowering, insightful, and very bright coach!”


–  London (UK) –
“Great listening skills and incisive questions from a kind, caring and inspirational coach who clarifies the outcome of coaching sessions in a clear and concise manner.”


Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Let me be your accountability buddy on the path to fulfillment.

One-to-one coaching sessions:
– online
– in person (Geneva – Lausanne)

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